South by Sean Brock

Insanely Delicious Cornbread Chips

Made with Heirloom Jimmy Red Corn

Chip Bags

Welcome to the Revival

These chips are made from Jimmy Red Corn, an heirloom varietal which was very nearly extinct. By eating these you are contributing to a valuable piece of living food history in the South.

Thanks to seed saving from a dedicated community of farmers, we can all enjoy this amazing corn varietal showcased in these cornbread chips. I think they are the best tasting corn chips ever!

These cornbread chips remind me of biting into a crunchy piece of warm cornbread crust just out of the oven. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Sea Salt & Black Pepper Cornbread Chips

Sea salt & black pepper

Honey Butter Cornbread Chips

Honey Butter

Sean Brock

Chef Sean Brock, a James Beard award winner, is passionate about exploring Southern foodways and preserving regional heirloom ingredients.

Chef Sean celebrates these ingredients in his three Nashville restaurants—Audrey, The Continental, and Joyland.